Shoe Repair Frequently Asked Questions

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Shoe Repair & Leather Care Frequently Asked Questions
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Serving Kentlands, Gaithersburg & Montgomery County, Maryland

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We Answer Your Questions About Shoe & Leather Repair

How many times can I have my shoes resoled?
As long as the upper leather portion of your shoes is in good condition, your shoes can be re-soled 2-3 times on average.

If I need my work order rushed, can you accommodate me?
All repairs are done on a first come first serve basis. However, if you have special needs, please tell our staff and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you.

How long does it take?
While we make every effort to get the shoes in and out of our repair facility as quickly as possible, please allow one week for drop-offs and 2-3 weeks for mail-in to receive your recrafted shoes. In rare cases, replacement components may be out of stock, in which case we will contact you via email.

Do you accept checks? If, yes how should the check be made to?
All checks should be made payable to The Craft Shoe Shop.

Do you use original materials?
Craft Shoe Shop utilizes original components whenever possible. However in the high-tech world of shoe manufacturing not every shoe can be re-soled with an original sole. In such cases we will use pre-approved substitute soles and we will contact you for authorization to use a substitute sole.

Do you do orthopedic work? Yes, we do offer orthopedic work. All orthopedic jobs are priced on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our staff for a quote and more information.

Do You Repair Patent Leather Items?
Yes, however there are some things even we can’t repair. Staining under the finish or chips and scrapes not on the heel base may not be fully repairable. Please stop by or contact us as each repair can vary on a case by case basis.

What is your guarantee?
At Craft Shoe Shop we always strive to provide the highest possible quality repair. All of our repair work comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects as result of our repair work.

Orthopedic FAQs

Do I need a prescription to get orthopedic corrections for my shoes?
No you do not. You simply need to know and decide what exact shoe lift size build up you require. You will convey this information in a short order form provided and return it to us with your shoes.

What type of shoe works best with your service? Are there any shoes you cannot do and I should stay away from?
Our craftsmen have so much experience that there is literally no shoe we have not done a shoe lift on. Our motto is “whatever the customer likes to wear and is most comfortable in is the shoe we can do for you”. We can do running shoes, boots, tennis shoes, sandals, children shoes, golf shoes, cycling shoes, and the list goes on.

Do you install lateral wedges?
Wedges in shoe modifications are a very effective tool to aid and prevent the rolling of an ankle to the inside or outside of the shoe. Many of our customers require a lateral wedge for this purpose and we are happy to accommodate this request.

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