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I brought in my tap shoes, the souls were coming off and there was super glue where my dad tried to fix them. He told me he could only fix the soles but when we went back to get them he took off the glue and made the shoes look brand new. This was my first time using The Craft Shoe Shop, but I will definitely use them again.

Madison Taylor

He’s a magician!
Tony does remarkable work at a fair price. After attempting to have my favorite pair of dress shoes re-soled/ repaired in two shoe shops overseas, I had almost given up on ever having them look new again. Tony was able to completely refurbish them in just two weeks. He’s a magician! Can’t say enough good things about Craft Shoe Shop.

William Sandlin

Othopedic Work Great service from owner, a very knowledgeable and helpful shoe repair man. Particularly helpful for any medical adjustments needed. Was willing to review possible shoe purchases from in-store photos to confirm he could make the adjustments I needed.

Derek Saynor

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
First time taking my shoes in to be resoled. They did great work, which was difficult since I needed a specific sole for my red Christian Louboutins. My shoes look great and they were done timely. I will definitely be bringing my other shoes here!

K Lee

Service with a smile.
The team here at Craft Shoe Shop took good care of my shoes and completed the work on time. I was impressed with the work and appreciate good professional knowledgeable service like this.

Thanks Craft Shoe Shop! You are now my go-to store for shoe repair!

Christopher Bloom

This was my first time using the Craft Shoe Shop. Picked up my shoes this AM and was very impressed with the workmanship. Tony replaced the leather sole and heels. To my surprise, he replaced the inner lining of the shoe (at no extra charge) as it had worn out. Definitely coming back. Was like picking a up a brand new pair of dress shoes! Well done, Tony!

Frank Su

My father ran a shoe repair business for over 60 years until he retired in 2005, and has known Tony for a very long time. I recently bought a pair of Allen Edmunds and asked my father where I should take them for some rubber half-souls. He told me I should head to see Tony, and said that if I dealt with him I would “never have to worry about the quality of the work, because Tony is a real craftsman.” My father was right. Tony did a super job on my shoes, and I will definitely be taking my future shoes to Tony. Don’t make the mistake of going somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Giove III

My husband and I have been bringing our shoes and boots here for the past several years for repairs and maintenance, and Tony always does a great job on them. After he's worked his magic, our shoes and boots look almost new again.

Tony is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and he does excellent work. The prices are a bit high, but the quality is well worth it.

Grace Park

One of the best cobblers and shoe repair shops in the DC area. From the moment you walk in, there's no denying the smell of worked leather, the strategically focused shop lights, the absent or low music in lieu of the buzz of old machinery, the glasses hanging on the tip of the owner's nose, or his own sneakers and hands that betray someone who works all day on their feet with dexterity. This is an artisan's workspace.

I came here for a full resole of a Goodyear welt boot that other places dismissed as impossible. Tony, the owner, reconstructed my torn leather footbed and installed a Kletterlift sole as requested. My boots were delivered on time and the price was extremely reasonable for the craftsmanship.

Shoe repair is a great way to reduce waste by making the most out of our footwear. Tony brought life back into my boots, saving me and the environment from having to discard them. I suggest giving this store a try, you will not be disappointed.

Luan Pham

Tony is great and unbelievable service. Hard to find this type of customer service these days.

John Gilardi

Great shop. I have a great pair of shoes, but the way I walk wears down one corner of the heel. They were able to repair my shoes to better than new in a very short time. They also made sure the rest of the shoe was conditioned and shined before I picked them up


Peter W

Took me two years to discover this shop on online & it was worth the wait.

Have a pair of leather DKNY boots that had salt & water damage. No home DIY fix worked and I really wanted to wear them again (if possible). Also had a mysterious bag tear that I knew could get patched up but I didn't know who could do it.

I dropped off the items on a Saturday morning: one bag, the DKNY boot, and a pair of flats that I brought along because it as worn & I wanted to see what could be done to improve it. He told me everything would be ready in a week so I could come back on the next Saturday with my ticket.

I returned this last Saturday he did everything he said he would, I am definitely impressed & will recommend & return to him for additional work. It was a trek for me since I'm in Silver Spring but totally worth it.

Karen T.

Best place to come for shoe repairs or leather repairs. I found this place after going to another place that said they couldn't fix my purse strap. So I came here and I keep returning! They repaired the purse and you can't even tell! I definitely recommend this place! Very professional.

Rhonda W.

I recently took a pair of Churches boots and a pair of Grenson shoes (both over 10yrs) to Tony for sole repairs. He replaced the shoe soles leather for leather and the boots which were combo leather/rubber for full rubber soles. I waited to review after a few wearings of each pair. I'm happy to report that both pairs look great and feel great. The quality repair is excellent and I will be happy to return for other shoes.

Adrian C.

I can't say enough about the wonders of this shop. I purchased an antique gun belt (for reenactments) that needed some TLC. I found Tony near me and took the belt to him. He restricted the leather, re riveted and replaced the main buckle. The best part is I had an event just a week shy of the belt needing repairs and Tony (and his guys) came to the rescue. Next time I have any leather repair I will go back to him. I HIGHLY recommend him, and suggest you check him out for ALL your leather repair needs.

James G.

Tony is always professional, always personable, and his prices are more than reasonable. I'm hard on my heels (he often scolds me for beating up my beautiful shoes. Hey, a girl's gotta go!), but he always gives them back to me better than I brought them in. I often come in for heel replacement, but I notice that he always goes the extra mile to give them a little TLC if he sees a scuff or scratch that needs fixing.

I have a (semi-new) pair of black patent leather heels that have somehow gotten a nasty white scuff on the front. I could not get that mark off of the shoe and I though they were ruined. Adding insult to injury, the heel of the opposite shoe broke while I was at work. I was ready to toss them in the trash, but I decided to bring them to Tony to see what he could do first. He took one look at them, scoffed, and said, "Of course I can fix them!".

I can't wait to see them restored to their former glory.

Rizma W

Tony is a shoe genius. For the past 10 years he has brought back my high end dress shoes from the dead and extended their lives by several years. In the latest episode, I tore up the toes of my new Italian dress shoes and he spent a couple weeks repeatedly sanding and burning the leather to the point they look new (even restoring the two-tone finish).

Prices are exceptionally reasonable and Tony is very personable.

If he can fix it, he will, and if he can't then he will be honest about it before you pay.

Stuart L.

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